Yes, this is a blog and yes I am a guy who still uses really old chisels and wood planes for a living.  Upon the realization that my luthierie website hadn't been updated in at least 5 months; I decided it was not only time for an update but even a restart.  I have spent the last few days delving into the world of css, directories, widgets and assorted other lingo that can't be modified with sharp chisels.  Thankfully I took the advice of my bride and selected a new package from my web host that was designed to be user friendly and a "no-brainer".  I deemed this a success as I feel I have lost quite a bit of my brain putting it together.  And now, a blog?  


The Blog – Day 1:     I have just spent the last hour wracking my brain for a clever first post.  I should really be gluing braces on the top of the classical guitar I am building, but here I sit contemplating the idea of "you only get one chance to make a good first impression".  Since the blog is new and I don't have any followers it really should be easy, shouldn't it?  I keep having this nagging feeling that I will look back at this first post with horror at the lack of depth, content, direction, soundbite quality, and any other "bloggy" sort of a terms I have not yet discovered or learned to violate.  


30 minutes later:  Okay, so I just got back from my writing break where I glued and clamped the braces to the soundboard on instrument No. 149 which is currently sitting on the bench in my workshop.  This is where I should be writing the incredibly witty, obnoxiously insightful, brilliant tidbit that came to me while concentrating on one of my favorite parts of building an acoustic instrument.  I thought of using a play on words, like "such and such is truly bracing" (acoustic instruments have struts and braces that keep the string tension from pulling them apart) and then a manly Ha Ha – but no, that is really bad and makes it sound like I am trying too hard.  How about, "something something, a close shave" (a plane shaves wood - if you are not a wood worker you would have to have this explained so I think this is also a total dud and make me sound like I am desperately trying to be clever).    I could wax poetic about how using a sharp chisel is a zen like meditative experience (it actually is for me) except that also is not how I envisioned my first post.  


10 minutes later still:  So, in the end I am going back to the idea of "you only get one chance to make a first impression".  So.... Hi, my name is Justin.  (imagine me sharing a good firm handshake with you - none of that gripping a dead fish type).  I build guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, Irish Bouzoukis and assorted stringed renaissance instruments.  I live in West Texas and decided I would jot down updates and random musings that filter in to what is left of my brain after building my website.  Nice to meet you and see you around!